Month: January 2016

Lucky 19

I snapped a picture of my little girl and she was not very happy about it. But today is her first day as a fourth grade transferee in a new school away from May Ranch. She is the lucky 19 in Mrs Forman’s class, a sweet teacher we had the privilege meeting early that morning. The school is located on top of the hill over viewing half of the city. It is a beautiful 8-minute drive up, and with today’s temperature of 7 degrees F, there surely was snow patches on the ground. At 7:30, Alyssa was in school,...

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Started the Journey

Sitting here, blogging while waiting for Rolly and Alyssa. I am getting used to my new environment – the mountains and the snow. Rolly was vocal about starting to love this little town. Papa and Mama are always supportive, so I am grateful. They are instrumental in making my goals happen. Tomorrow is another day off for me. I haven’t been working full time since I had only been doing modules and online classes. But on Saturday, I will start going on early to train with  Charmaine at 3 am. I am excited to learn the Dialysis machine, how to...

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First Day First

If there is one thing I will remember in my first day on a new job, it is the beautiful 35-minute drive along the snow-capped mountains laced with low-lying fog. It was a freezing Monday morning and Rolly had to scrape the snow off from the windshield, and the hot coffee I prepared for the ride has gone too cold as soon as I got out of the door. It was a drive I will commit to memory....

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