IMG_06992015, this is a year that I will commit to memory as it is etched with fragments that is integral to my lifetime. The greatest of which are the lessons I learned and manner of how I was taught. LIFE  is indeed an existence filled with abundance of experiences. Cliche, as it may sound, it is a piece of puzzle with a picture of the future that keeps evolving, like a canvas full of abstraction and no definitive borders. It is a blank piece of paper. As an author of my own story, I just have to keep writing – letter after letter, chapter after chapter.

People came into my life this past year, some left, others stayed, and few I chose to leave behind. Some strangers I became friends with. Passersby that lingered a little longer. The stories they’ve shared with me, the journeys they traveled. Places they’ve seen, I’ve seen through their words. Emotions they have, I felt it in their eyes. My connection to the world is through network of human experiences, and I embraced the good and the bad relations that came with it.

My family, truly a different story. A stable one. A home. A shelter. It is an institution founded with trust and love, understanding and hope. One that is gradually undergoing reconstruction to weather the test of time. Here, my emotions are nurtured; my confidence is grown. With the trials that came with the year, I emerged bruised but stronger than ever. I have come to appreciate the beauty there is in surviving a personal struggle through hours of committed hard work.

This year, I feel that I finally have the world in my pocket and I am one step forward to making a difference. I am beyond grateful that what’s ahead of me is no longer a blur. It is such a relief to be on the right path after such a long journey. It is certainly fitting to celebrate my birthday on Thanksgiving Day for I am truly grateful. Grateful for having the most loving and supportive family, for the tiny group of acquaintance I call friends, and for all the other blessings and opportunities in between.

Thank you…