While I try to stay away from the news as I find them depressing, reading glimpse of daily happenings is inevitable when you go online. And because I called in sick and taking some time off reading, I actually can blog today. So with my migraine headache, I will address this ongoing issue, rationally.

On Obama and Immigrant Children.

While political science is way behind me, I still try to think like Prof Milo Distor. His class in International Law and Politics was definitely interesting, it made me think I will do better as a diplomat than a lawyer. If that would have happened, I will be making more politically accurate statements. So thanks to Nate Beeler, an Editorial Cartoonist, for saying it best. He sums it all up on a rendering below. I love it! Obama played the Pied Piper with his Immigration Policy that attracts young children to cross the US-Mexico border.

If I remember it – it was the last quarter of 2013 when the governor of Arizona signed a bill into a law requiring immigrants to carry all alien registration  with them at all times and to present to questioning officers if warranted. It also tends to prosecute those who hire illegal immigrant laborers and those who knowingly transport them across the border. Many say that this yet the toughest immigration policy and Obama openly criticized it. His recent executive order halting the deportation of minor children, I think, is in response to the Arizona Law. How it works is a question with opposing answers. It just depends on who you ask…



Coming from an Immigrant’s view, who went through the process and paid all the dues, this is an insult not only to the Immigration Laws written but to the Constitution itself. I say, there is no justice when those who do not abide by the rules don’t get prosecuted. How can the domestic tranquility be protected when we cannot control thousands of undocumented, illegal immigrants crossing tho border? Tell me how this can improve General Welfare? And what welfare? The US is in serious debt, its citizens working so hard for a living. The US prided itself with its generosity and humanitarian works but the project of welfare has to start here. At Home. How can we extend welfare across borders and thousands of miles away when we, the people, are charity cases ourselves? How can we secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity when we are allowing easy access to the border for these unaccompanied MINORS. Minors who will be relying on welfare, welfare that we cannot afford. Welfare that is getting depleted rapidly. And healthcare for them is not even entered on the big picture… and we CLEARLY know who will be paying for that. With the economy and seemingly scant job opportunities, more and more Americans are relying on welfare. Hate me on this, (thank you to my freedom of speech)  I say, we should keep these Americans in mind first before thinking of opening doors of empty promises to our neighbor’s children.

When I think of all these, the Arizona Law is not bad afterall. I do not mind bringing my weightless documents with me, very easy to do if you are here legally.