As I start a chapter of my journal for the new year, I keep my doors open for the good luck to overflow from 2013 to 2014. So far, the past year has been really good to my family and I can only hope and pray that a better year is bound to unfold before us. I have a lot of personal plans laid for 2014, and the ticking of the boxes starts right now. Healthwise, I hope to be healthier myself. It’s a lot of work , but I also would like to start a new habit with my husband as soon as the weather permits. My children are in very good health with Elijah’s eczema getting better and Alyssa’s overall wellbeing being excellent. My Mom and Dad, and the rest of my family in the Phiippines are all healthier than ever, thanks to juicing vegetable and fruits!

I am looking to moving forward this year. I have everything set straight and all I need is a lift up as I go through one more barrier. The key to success is just within reach… Grabbing it and making it mine entails a lot more hardwork than I can ever imagine. But I am fueled and I want it really bad. 2014 is paving my way, and i know I should pace my self and do everything right. The road is long… But I will eventually get there at the right time – this year.

I am very grateful my boss granted me a week off. I need it to do activities with my family, especially with my children. Work is very important, but spending time with my growing children is on the top of my priorities. I am treasuring each moment with them and hoping to bank on beautiful memories for them to remember as they grow older.

2014 is destined to be my year… God has beautiful plans laid in my path and I cannot wait to uncover each of them. My values will anchor me to my beginnings. Faith will be my strength. Hope will keep me going. And as for my Family, they will remain to be my inspiration on this journey…