I finally got my most anticipated delivery. A present Rolly bought for me (without him knowing). It is the new portable Silhouette Portrait! I haven’t tried it yet, but speaking with my coworker/hobbyist Isela, I am fully convinced this machine can do all the things I want it to do- and maybe even more.

Excited! Excited! Really excited! But first, let me first walk you through my Thursday. Here I am after a sleepless night – still feeling fabulous knowing it is almost the end of the week. ‘Took tons of selfies while Rolly drives me to work. He was, of course, making some side comments about my personal activity but I learned to ignore him after 11 years of marriage ;).


For lunch, I grabbed some food from the cafeteria. It is a vegetarian hospital so even if you see what looks like a meatball on my plate, it is protein and soy-based product. If you don’t know any better, you’ll think it is the real thing… It is that good.


My Lunch Menu: Meatballs in sweet and sour mango sauce, steamed broccoli and carrots, and rice pilaf. I also got a slice of banana and diet coke for a drink.


Finally, meet my buddy here. I am grateful it is Friday, perhaps, I can take Alyssa to Michael’s to buy some arts and crafts supplies. I also just purchased my Silhouette tote bag at Amazon. It is $3.00 cheaper than when you buy it from the Silhouette store.

That’s about everything… Thanks for visiting, ‘will blog again tomorrow!