Tuesday is unbelievably busy! At the end of my shift, I have seen 18 patients. The three other girls might have the same number (probably a bit less or a bit more), so just imagine how bad it was! It is a positive sign of progress, I guess. But boy, I felt exhausted after eight hours. Good thing Tomika brought some goodies to munch on: mini donuts and packs of chocolate-covered pretzels. They were so good!


And I cannot resist to eat another one! I even asked Myrleen to help me take a good shot at my bite! Yikes, it looked like a big bite, but it is a mini donut – okay?


One of the original girls of our team came to see us today and with her adorable little boy. Sandra was very excited to hold the little guy in her arms. They were so adorable together! So I took couple of pictures, I hope Kristina don’t mind me posting…


He is so CUTE!!! He started feeding Sandy some of the yummy cookies, too! I thought this photo edit looks nice, it appears nostalgic. Myrleen didn’t like the dark tones, but I personally think it emphasizes the mood I was trying to capture of this stolen moment.


And here is one more shot to end the day… Sandra is looking gorgeous, as always.

BTW, my little people are doing great. Recovering fast from being sick. Alyssa did great at school and she is back to being energetic when I came home tonight. My boy, Elijah, was screaming with delight when he heard the door opened. That is always a good sign. Big thanks to my Mom for her unconditional love…