Have you heard of the Elf of the Shelf? It is a Christmas tradition where a family adopts (well, after buying) and names an elf. This elf is supposed to watch and report activities to Santa, good or bad. It will be hidden around the house and children are supposed to seek for it. This year, our department decided to adopt an elf after Myrleen decided to buy one from Target.

Lizabeth, Supervisor:
We will be doing Elf on a Shelf, she is a female elf named “Noel”. Noel will be hanging out and keeping an eye on all of you, then reporting back to Santa. Noel could be found getting into trouble in various areas of Patient Access. Whoever finds Noel will then re-hide her, whoever finds her last and has her in possession on Friday, December 21, 2012 will win a $5 gift card. Thank you guys for keeping work fun and making me laugh, I treasure each of you very much!

So yup, we named her Noel. The first day she was out of the box, she’d gone missing. The girls were looking, exchanging emails back and forth as to where the little elf is. These is the series of emails:

Myrleen: Has anyone see “NOEL”? I’ve seen here “wanted” picture (they don’t do her justice) but have not seen HER!!!
Desiree: I did find Noel she was at my desk but disappeared ! She left her chocolate wrappers behind.
Myrleen: An APB has been posted. Be on the lookout for our little NOEL. She is a brunette with brown eyes, wearing a red outfit. If you know of her whereabouts, please let me know 

You must be kidding, right? The department is not that big, there is not a lot of crevices and boxes to hide a 12-inches Elf in red suit smiling from ear to ear! More emails came:

Verenice: Her arms are too short, she would need a hand, hopefully not by a volunteer.. noel Should know better… . Bad NOEL!!
Desiree: I thought I saw her in the gift shop !
Verenice: MayBe her TwIn?? So she left Patient access territory is what ur sayin? We may have to pull a Black Hawk mission..

Ok, so this Elf thing is getting out of hand, I thought. Maybe it is on places they don’t expect it to be. Seriously, having a 2 children taught me to think like a child myself. So I typed a response:

Rosalyn: Better check the freezer. It might be Noel’s portal to the North Pole…

I heard the girls scrambled to check the fridge. Of course it was not there! I was just saying! LOL! Remembering what Liz said about whoever has Noel on with her on the 21st will be getting $5.00, I fired up another message:

Rosalyn: I say, those elves are tricky. Watch out for the cash drawers, I bet they need bunch of 5 dollars for when they all decide show up on the 21st!!!
Desiree: Good one Rosalyn ! Very true maybe she’ll be back by Dec 21st

Then, messages got a little to the bad side.

Desiree: or for the Casino !!!!
Myrleen: COCHINA!
Rosalyn: VEGAS, baby!!! Home of Strip Clubs and Casinos. Yep, that’s where she is now!

Finally, Lizabeth interfered:

Lizabeth: Ok ladies, please keep things on a professional level. I do not want this to offend anyone. I am happy you are having fun with the Elf on the Shelf search. I’m not mad, just want to make sure we keep it professional and we stay focused on our work also. Please keep the Elf from reporting bad behavior. :)The Grinch – aka Liz

In my defense, I was working (really hard). And I am saying this with a straight face. I was not even looking for the Elf. The girls came by my desk couple of times to check if I had the elf. Desiree said I am a suspect. Tomika said I was giving way too much information that they feel like I was the culprit. Laugh out loud!!! Seriously, we went home that night and the elf is yet to be found and I still, apparently, am a suspect…