Because we cannot make it to Vegas to watch Manny’s fight at the MGM Grand, we decided to just have a small viewing party at home since November 12 is also Rolly’s birthday. Yup, same as last year. Pacquiao’s fight with Margarito fell on my husband’s birthday weekend. This time will be a simple one though. We are planning on having some Chinese food, pizza and wings for the kids and some desserts plus a cake. We bought a new hi-definition 3D TV at Bestbuy, it is a bundle and has blu-ray player already. It’s not like the boxing is on 3D, but it was a good deal for almost a thousand dollars. We are happy with it… though I was not expecting that a pair of 3D glasses compatible with the TV is worth $200.00. That expensive. We are not in a hurry to watch something three dimensional though, so we will have to wait ’till Black Friday, in case they go on sale.

Here are some pics I took when we went to pick up the TV.

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Going back to birthdays, mine is coming up too. Last weekend, we also went to Orange County for Michelle’s birthday lunch at Seafood Paradise. It is always good to see Michelle. I love it that Alyssa looks up to her. She is fair in so many ways, and I wish her and Albert beautiful marriage (next year) and, of course, a successfull life. They look very happy together… cannot wait ’til August next year for their wedding. It must be so beautiful…
I took a picture of Alyssa as we were getting ready to go to OC on Saturday. She was not in a good mood because she didn’t finish her birthday card for Michelle. She didn’t even want me to take a picture of her.