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While waiting for Alyssa’s pick up time from school, I happen to browse upon family stand up comedy videos by AmFam. Besides being funny, some of the videos reminded me of when I was growing up back in the Philippines, when life was a little less complicated and activities mainly revolved around family. The videos that piqued my attention were the ones from Bill Bellamy. I love it when he said he would never change his life because he is happy with the way he grew up. Like him, I have so much pride with the manner in which I was brought up and would not trade any part of it for anything. I respect the way my parents molded me into who I am now, and really thankful for a beautiful childhood.

On the Stand Up For Family, Bill Bellamy went on and also talked about being a child and how today’s children are growing up in a world different from ours. I clearly can associate my own experiences with his. It is so funny when he mentioned about the street lights.  That when they were kids, they didn’t have to use watches to tell when it’s time to go home, they just have to wait for the street lights to turn on. It was almost the same when I was younger. I grew up in the mountains where there was no electricity until early 1990’s. After a whole day playing outside, we knew we are supposed to be home when the sun sets.

It was a fun childhood. The last time I went back home was in 2003. I didn’t see any kids playing the way we used to before. With today’s technology, kids define “play” differently. They sit down playing video games and watching TV. We bought our daughter a power wheel so she can enjoy driving around the neighborhood, but she prefers staying indoors playing a game on the iPad. It is a little disturbing, but yes, the change is evident.

I like the American Family Insurance video compilation because I can relate to it. It is  a real-life and honest comedy that is good for all ages. Thank you for the laughter… I seriously needed that! At the same time, I am also grateful for making me remember my own childhood.

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