Three nights… it took me three nights to migrate all my files back from to I am actually pleased that I was able to have my hosting back on my original domain after a bandwidth incidence back in 2008. That was when I started to offer scrapbook freebies that users can directly download from my website. Unknowingly, I have a limited bandwidth and due to the traffic and the number of downloads I got, I went over what was allotted for me to use. I got billed for $400.00 to have for the extra usage but I did not pay. It was ridiculous. I was not about to spend that much money for something insignificant. I lost my hosted files as a result but I was allowed to keep my domain name. I went ahead and created in 2009 and started rebuilding.


Having my original site back is worth all the effort and time. Though it needs some more tweaking here and there, I am just glad the hard part of uploading the files, making sure the links are working and the site is up and running are all done. Just a little more housekeeping and all should be fine and dandy.