To be awaken by a phone call that bears a bad news is the worst way to start a day. And that unanswered question of whether or not everything is going to be fine shakes even the strongest of faith. To find myself in such situation, seeing myself crumbling down, trying to hold on to that thin line of hope, was something I never imagined even if caught deep in a nightmare. Yesterday morning, I realized how unprepared I was when I learned Rolly got into a motorcycle accident in the 91 freeway. The sudden glimpse of what life will be like without my Husband brought me a pain that is way much more than how the word is defined. I looked at my daughter lying peacefully in bed and I can’t help but let the tears blur my eyes. I remembered Nancy telling me how hard it was to explain to her girls that their Dad is no longer coming back home. And to place myself in that position, I know I won’t survive the moment… This is a news I never expected to hear since I know how careful he is. In my mind, it is impossible to see or hear him go down while riding. And I guess that’s the reason why the reality hit me so hard and caught me off guard.
I was in my worst moment that I cannot even remember Loma Linda’s phone number. I struggled to compose myself and stay coherent, something I was incapable of doing. I was breaking down to pieces and I was glad my Mom and my Daughter were there to keep me sane. The drive to Corona suddenly seemed twice farther than it really is. And as I walked the short distance from the parking lot to the hospital’s ER, I gathered all my last strength. The nurse let me in and I saw him lying down in a hospital gown… in pain with bruised leg and injured wrist, I freely cried out my pain. Seeing him in one piece was a big relief, though, the thought that it could have been worst is killing me inside. I can’t see myself and my daughter without him. And even with a close call like this, I never will be ready at all.
Accidents do happen even with the safest riders, I now come to fully realize. That there is always a risk involved no matter how hard you try to avoid it. And to have that one driver who cares less about other people’s lives makes the road even more dangerous to everyone. There is no justification when you do something idiotic, like, changing lanes without looking and even something unlawful, like, crossing solid double yellow lines so you won’t miss your exit. If we all know how to drive safely and observe all the regulations set for us to follow, the probability of accidents to happen is slim to none…

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