Saturday with Rolly’s Friends.

And we started it with a barbecue party with Rolly’s two besties, Eric and Craig. Both guys brought their ladies and we chatted. That was the longest I’ve been with both gals. They were just awesome, as always! The conversation was cut short, though, because I got drunk… yup, one glass Eagle Castle Merlot from Paso Robles was enough to knock me down. I was so embarrassed. But I had so much fun. When I woke up an hour later, Eric and Karman were still here. So, I got to know her better… and we hugged, and hugged more. She is so sweet! I do like her so much. Craig’s wife is really nice, too… I’ve known her longer than Karman. I love them both.
They invited us to go surfing in Carlsbad this weekend but since I will be working, we won’t be able to make it… It is a bummer. Living in Riverside, it has been so long now since I’ve seen the beach. The closest I can get to seeing a body of water is when we drive along the lakes.

Hmm… and the DUI? Rolly almost got a DUI ticket. Those ones are NOT ONLY expensive with fines ranging from 3000-5000, but also when found driving under the influence, jail you go with no excuses. But Rolly was not drank… well, he was drinking with friends. When he left, though, I can attest that he was just fine. He might have had some beer and wine, but I was so sure he will drive just fine Of course not. He was so tired and sleepy, he was swerving on the freeway making someone so nervous they had to call the police.  So, now he learned his lessons.


Easter Sunday

Alyssa had so much fun looking for eggs alone in our courtyard. I am glad we did it a little earlier since the house in front of us had, like, ten or more kids doing the hunting. I would have felt bad for her knowing she would have seen them through the gate. But she was a real sport. And though she has not opened all the eggs, yet, she now understands the basic concept behind the quote: “seek and you shall find.”
Ate Raquel did an amazing job with the cooking. I deep-fried some of my homemade lumpia, baked some ribs for our baby back ribs menu and Rolly also did chicken wings and leg barbecue. Ate Myla brought ham, mashed potato and lots of balloons. Albert and Michelle bought one of the great-tasting bread I’ve ever had, the Oh My Buns! Ate Lynne got pies. The food was just fine, though, we run out of the barbecue right away. RJ, Tracy and Ian with the two kids made it, too. Only Allen was missing amongst the boys. Rolly’s family from Bakersfield also joined in the fun. It was a wonderful night.
So, the family dinner came and went. It’s bad already I have to work the next day, what made it worst was that I drank two bottles of beer. I was chatty all night long. And when the alcohol was wearing thin, I started feeling exhausted. After the party, Rolly and I shared a cup of coffee and enjoyed some quiet time. It is always good when we sit and just talk about whatever comes to mind.  I am an old soul, I guess. I felt like I already walked this Earth once and that I have seen and done everything and all I need now is  this man I am married to. We are living in our own bubble… I love that there is this wall, no matter how thin it is, that separates us from the outside. It is good to know that we now have the option of picking which, on our lives, to show and which ones we have to keep private.