Today is Rob’s 25th birthday. And fan blogs posted 25 adorable pictures about him. So, I thought of doing something different. I love his interviews and I thought he is witty and cute. So here are 25 things he said I find amusing and extra sweet!!!

“Life is not black and white … [but] there is one thing I never understood: why people cheat,” said Rob during his interview for the Italian Vanity Fair. My Favorite so far.

On one of his interviews with Access Hollywood, he said: “I don’t process it (the screen factor) as part of my life. It is, kind of, a side dish. It is, like, a side dish you don’t necessarily have to eat.”

“It made me feel really tough, really hard. I don’t think I’ve ever won a fight in my life,” the actor gushes after winning Best Fight (with Cam Gigandet) at the 2009 MTV Awards.

While in Japan, he was asked how he wants to spend life in his 30’s. He answered in a soft voice, “I like to – family and stuff, I think. Yeah, like, I want to be a young Dad.” Laughs. “But, uhm, I want to be friends with my kids.” he, then, added, “I can make them really cool and then they can be my friend. And they’ll agree with everything I say.”

In another Vanity Article, it reads: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. My brain doesn’t work anymore. I haven’t any memory. I can’t write. All I can do is sign my name.”

When asked about his perfect day, Rob recalls a setting during a take for the film Water For Elephant. He said he stood and watched the sun set on a circus tent from 1930. And even if it fake, as he described the moment, he continued, “That was my perfect day. I would be gladly experience that every day. It happens continually to me: It calls itself work. That is wonderful and more than enough.”

On becoming old-fashioned, he stated: “I think I’ve become more old-fashioned. I feel like I’m already turning middle-aged now. It’s quite nice to be doing a series of films [The Twilight Saga] that a lot of people think uphold positive virtues. Some people actually think the films are a good influence on their kids.”

“I don’t know what benefit there would be to talking about it. In logical terms, if you were just walking down the street and every single stranger on the street knew your business, and came up and felt the need to comment on it, you’d just be like, ‘Shut up! Like, I’m gonna kill you!’ And it’s exactly the same mentality. I don’t really want to try and sell it either, maybe if I was selling it I’d talk about it more.”

On getting old, Rob has this to say: “Like I’m getting old. I used to go out every night when I was doing jobs, now I can’t. I want to go to bed at 9:30 every night. It’s terrible.”

“I think people can fall in love at first sight,” Rob said. “I think pretty much all people who love each other, had some kind of thing at first sight. I mean, there has to be some kind of moment where you, like, feel a different energy around someone.”

On the same interview (refer to 10), he continued, “There is the idea of the saving love, I believe it. I’m not mushy but I have a romantic soul. Having grown up with two older sisters I have a deep respect for women. Sex and feeling for me go hand in hand.”

“I’m not interested in casual relationships, I need to know people.”

At the LA Conference for the Twilight Saga, Rob was asked if he believes in SOUL. He replied, “Yeah. I mean, I think definitely. I can’t remember who said it, but a soul and a heaven must exist because good people aren’t rewarded enough on Earth. I always liked that idea, if that makes sense.”

“I am look­ing for­ward to the pillow-biting scene. I thought that was so funny. I’m just like, I have all the ran­dom things to do. Really? He bites the pillow.” He laughed while describing the Breaking Dawn love scene with Bella.

“I just like doing things where you have a little time to think about what you’re saying. I’ve always had a problem actually thinking before I open my mouth.”

On his Remember Me film, he once said about living in New York: “It’s the fantasy idea of living in the East Village. It’s the kind of life I would have wanted to have if I was a student. It’s a very active culture– even the extras in New York, everybody’s got an opinion about everything.”

On the characters of Remember Me, Robert stated about a Moment of Happiness, “If you just have one moment of happiness, where you can feel that you’re happy, even if it just lasts for a minute. It’s worth a lot.”

On having artistic freedom, “I think you need to be able to break through what you think about yourself to try to make any sort of art. I used to play music all the time, and the most amazing part was the freedom that came with kicking myself in the ass, letting go, and surprising myself,” he stated.”

It caught me by surprise. Whenever I start crying I just start weeping afterward, it’s like, I have emotions!” Robert talking about emotions.

In 2009 Robert made a comment about his English Looks, saying, “Being an English guy, you get a lot more breaks. You’re allowed to look a little worse. It’s that thing about English teeth.”

During his MTV interview in 2009, Rob was asked why is doing the fewest interview amongst the cast. He replied, “I try to limit the amount of interviews I do, because no one is that interesting, especially when you’re not really saying anything. I don’t particularly want to be some kind of character in society or whatever.”

And in relation the the above statement about “not saying anything”, he further explained:  “I’m always told that I don’t really know who I am, so hopefully I won’t compartmentalize myself because of that. I am just completely ignorant of [how others perceive me]. I’ve never really struggled with anything up until recently. I’ve got to stop being so self-depreciating, because people are starting to believe it. They’re like, “Yeah, that guy is an idiot.” So I’ve tried to stop doing that.”

About music: “It’s (music) the thing that makes you more naked, more than acting. You can’t blame anyone if you make it bad, you can’t blame any screenwriter, or director. There you are, with your soul.”