Ok, it is already out and final. Our beautiful hospital, the Loma Linda University Medical Center in Murrieta is set to open on Friday. Yes, FRIDAY. We are all excited and happy. It was a long wait and we are getting anxious already, and so as those patients patiently waiting for us. Part of the getting-ready process for our department is getting our schedules revised and posted. So yeah, Kim did that this morning. And if you ask me if I am happy with it? Not really. And this prompted this little conversation with my husband:

Rosalyn: Hey babe, this is my new schedule. (excel attachment)
Rolly: Poor you…working on the weekend right away. I’ll try and work from home on your days off next week. Well, in a way I’m so glad the hospital is opening so they can start making moolahhhh…and making the sick well. 🙁 🙁
Rosalyn: And by the way, half-day ako bukas or they will be paying me overtime. Hay… but, what can you do. Just like Jana said, be happy you have a job. Right… I should not be negative about this things. The hospital has not opened and here I am sulking about little things such as schedule. I should be more accepting and be less critical…
Rolly: Yeah…whatever happen to the positive attitude…hehehe.
Rosalyn: Yeah.. whatever happened to that? Lol…
Rolly: Some people dont even have a job to complain about…you know what I mean?
Rosalyn: Hehehe… I guess. But if only I can have my way on everything, I would like to choose my days and my hours.
It doesn’t work that way, of course. At least I have my foot at the door like they say. It should be easier to move around when given the chance.
And I am looking forward to greater things and bigger opportunities. It is not easy, but it should be rewarding in the long run…
Rolly: Now you’re talking…CHEERS!!!