Vampire Stories
It’s been six days since I started with Stephanie Meyer’s famous books the Twilight Series (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) plus her draft for Midnight Sun. They were excruciatingly beautiful, my only regret is that I read it too fast and it ended too soon. I want the story plot to keep coming constantly feeding my thoughts. I can’t stop. I just keep going back reading the same words over and over again, wishing that it will never end… It’s like an addiction! It is terrible. And you won’t believe this, I also started googling them like a crazy, ardent fan! I am just glad that the media haven’t made them portmanteau branding like “Brangelina”, the famous so far, for Brad and Angelina Jolie. Yikes!

Well, too much for that (for now). Seriously, I blame it all on Nellie. If not because of her thorough convincing, I would have not even bothered to search and download the books. I hope to recover from the novel’s spell and go back to my same old routine in few days. I got sucked into Bella’s world that I became still and unproductive. I so hate it!

Deviating away from the vampire story, Rolly was telling me that his boss in Rhode Island asked him if he speaks and understands Spanish. Odd. Of course knowing Rolly, he said “a little bit” when in fact he doesn’t. So at dinner time, we were discussing what prompted the question. Could it be that the company is now close to sending him to Tijuana for a project. I shiver with the thought… though Tijuana is far from the capital, it is still Mexico. And I heard “horror” stories on what’s going down there. Just recently in the news, one Filipino professor at a university in San Diego was actually murdered in Tijuana. And also, that Criminology Student who was (she got fired after running away) then the Chief of Police ran to Texas to seek asylum due to death threats made towards her. Too bad, the asylum law doesn’t apply to her case. But that’s how dangerous Mexico is right now… I would rather for him to go to Saint Louis to continue where he left off the last time he was there.

New Routine
On the other note, since next week might be the last time our team will be together as a group we are all thinking of going to the casino to eat a lot, drink a little, talk a little, and play a little. Hanging out is a good way to start work and even Rolly agreed for me to go. Yes, I did ask him. He is getting use to the our new course of procedure that is so different from the regular one we used to have when I was still at St Joseph. Last week when I dropped of one of my co-worker I came home only to find him agitated. I know it was not because I helped someone but rather it was more because he never imagined me doing it. It’s a new thing for him. It is a new thing for me, too.