Though it is pouring and dark outside, I can see Rolly in front of the grill for our fillet mignon dinner. Since I cheated on my contribution for the evening menu, I was way done before he even started. The pressure cooker is truly my friend in the kitchen as the beef soup was done and ready in 15 minutes. That gives me more time to sit and blog  while Alyssa circles around the coffee table with her bike.
So here I am, again, journaling, like I got all the time in the world which I truly do, for now! The past five weeks went by like a breeze, I feel rested and ready for the real deal. We were given more than enough training on programs the hospital will be using. The only missing piece of the puzzle is the APPLICATION – to make use of what we learned on real life situations. I am  pretty sure this week will be the last of our training. The whole team share anxiety over  the hospital’s opening date, we can’t wait to get over that first day. See if the system is working  just fine or if we have to make necessary adjustments to accommodate whatever is lacking. I must have to give due credit to our three Supervisors and our Director for bearing all the weight of this stressful event.