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Today’s activity wasn’t what I planned for but all is good. We are supposed to go to a bridal shower but Rolly and my stepson Allen went on a mission. To get him his dream car, Prius. Allen was at a Honda car dealer last night calling Rolly every few minutes. He needed his help in making decisions but unfortunately Orange County was far and it was kinda late. I am actually glad that it didn’t work out since I know he wanted the same car as his Dad. Rolly left around 8 this morning, it is quarter to 5 and he is still out. It actually gave me some time to do some cleaning, did our laundry AND read the last chapters of Breaking Dawn. I didn’t miss any letter of the book. I can’t believe how good it was. I agree, the movies in comparison to the previous Twilight book series were a mess. The acting really got better though. But I guess they can’t really fit every minute detail as was written. Of course, I should say, I still am crazy about Kristen and Robert. I am finding this vampire drama irresistible!

Soon, I will be saying goodbye to weekends like this as I am scheduled to work every other Saturday and Sunday. They are giving me pay differential though so I guess it is all good. I am a little anxious, I just want to get over the first week of our opening. They still haven’t given me training on Counseling but every time I speak to Kim about it, she sounded optimistic. They gave me more than what I asked, they think I can do better. Some people actually have confidence in me… and though I keep saying I can do it perfectly after few tries, I always second guess myself anyways. But it is better to leave a room for doubt because tomorrow is just uncertain. This way I can’t be way too over confident as I learned from past experiences that if I hope too much, I get reckless. Oh, these thoughts…

The phone rung and I automatically pushed the answer button. It was Rolly. I looked at the time and it is already 5:30. His voice was slightly high pitched, an indication that he is excited. He, always the bearer of good news, told me how things worked out with Allen’s car. They gave him $11,000 for his Mini Cooper trade in. Allen kept telling me how excited he is, I can almost see him smiling. I too am so happy for him. After almost nine years, I have come to know the boys. Allen is always the strong one… with cinsistent plans of what he’s to do with his life. RJ, since I came in to the picture, never did I recall him without a girlfriend. He loves being on a relationship, and he is good at it. Ian on the other hand is still Rolly’s little boy. He is our Ian… so soft, so gentle. Everytime I think of them, I realized how time is flying so fast. It is a cliche but it’s the truth.

In 45 more minutes, I heard a motorcycle engine. Sigh, sometimes he doesn’t listen. Sure he rides safe but it’s the other drives I don’t trust. I haven’t seen serious accidents yet, but I am aware than he doesn’t have any chance with a car going 70 mph. I remember when someone in his family said I should get him a million dollar insurance since I agreed for him to buy a motorcycle. The words still sting a little. I value my husband’s life more than anythings else. I am not an evil person to wish him the worst just so I can get money for myself. For what? I hated the idea of seeing a motorcycle on the garage myself, for years we argued about how safe he will be… and thanks God, he only rides around the block. And when he goes a little farther away, he always come home safe to me. To us. I am still in constant fear but I have confidence on his judgment. He knows when it is safe to use it, and when it is not…