My husband is just the sweetest, and it is not me to open up about it. I always tell my friends that my life is private, yet there are those times that he makes me happy that I couldn’t help but blabber about it. Yes, Merlyn is right when she said that he pampers me a lot. I will never be in denial of that. It just feels good to be loved and be taken cared of. So, anyway, he took us to a buffet lunch at The Choices last weekend. I usually wanted to wait for the drinks before I take Alyssa to grab some food. While waiting, I saw this really pretty girl, maybe on her early 20’s walking towards the buffet station. After few minutes, Rolly came back. He motioned for me to go get food and I said, “I want to see that girl’s face again. She is just so pretty.” So I waited. And waited. And of course she was taking her time. So I decided to just go.

Not too long and I was heading back. I saw Rolly staring at my direction. I saw him put on his eyeglasses (he’s got some vision issues), and almost automatically smiled. I asked why him why he was looking at me. He answered, “Well, I thought that you were that girl you were talking about. I had to put on my glasses because she’s wearing the same coat like you are.” I laughed. “No, seriously, you just look beautiful too.” Well, of course, he is my husband. He’s got to say something nice like that… But, the smallest, sweetest thing he does and tells me are just the most wonderful gestures that I will always remember. Truly Sweet… He is.