Friday night… Just got off the phone with my Mom. It is always good to hear her voice – so gentle and loving, brings back old comfortable feelings of home. We talked about her upcoming flight. I can tell she is very excited, and so are we. A plan that was on halt for a long time since she was so kind enough to do favors on my behalf. Yup, that’s my Mom.

Work is pretty much the same. We are still in training mode, which I may say is pretty interesting. I love the fact that we all sit on on a trailer, have small talks in between getting to know everyone. I can’t believe it’s almost a month since the majority of us started. Everyday I have been sitting with different ladies. They all have different personalities, experiences and personal preferences, of course. But we all share one goal: To Build the Best Team. I am all for it.

The other day, I had the opportunity to help one of the younger gals at work. Her car broke down and she needed a lift home. Her place is not that far from our house, probably about 20 minutes. When we got to the apartment complex, I suddenly felt like my heart got pinched. A pretty girl like with her three year old son are living on this place. Children around Alyssa’s age running on the street, teenage kids standing around the parking place smoking – eight of them and at the corner of my eye I couldn’t help but notice an older guy sitting on his beat up car. As soon he saw her inside my car, he opened his door. He was wearing a gray shirt, kind of dirty or maybe just old. It’s none of my business but I just had to tell her to beware and lock her doors. She laughed. I didn’t find any humor on what I said. In all honesty I felt bad for her.

In the brighter side of things, let me share you what I’ve been up to for this week. I bought the Twilight Series ebooks plus the Midnight Sun draft, and I tell you what. They are fabulous! I’ve been sleeping around 3 in the morning because I can’t put down my iPad. Definitely better than the movie! Of course I still envision Kristen as Bella and Robert as Edwin, they are perfect together. They complement each other… I am such a sucker for these plots. I wish that Stephanie Meyers finishes Edward’s book Mi. I will definite buy me a hard copy…

I must go now… we are getting ready to feast on some KFC chicken while watching an Indie Film from the UK called Assassin of Love. And yes, here are some photos of our February. A challenging one for me every morning specially I have to go through thick low-lying fog that blankets the valley. So thick that the visibility is .25 miles. It is freezing too, I had to scrape thin ice from my windshield last Monday.