They are sending us home today after our good pizza party. The 200 item tests were not as bad as I thought it would be. It was a lot of writing though because it wasn’t a selection type. I am feeling better everyday, getting a little bit more confident with what I am supposed to do. I haven’t been a Financial Counselor before though I handled some sort of account reconciliation with a smaller company. But with training, I will learn much more and that’s what I actually am looking forward to. Hopefully when I get my nursing all cleared up, I can be a Case Manager someday. Who knows? The future is uncertain. It’s not going to happen fast… but it is always good to look at the brighter side…
One of the questions today was a little personal in nature. They asked us if we are happy to be here. And I am. In all honesty, I am hoping to stay here for a long time. This is where I want to build my career, a foundation for my future. I am thankful for being offered the opportunity to work for LLUMC. I love the feeling of freedom, now is the time to be myself. It is great. I am also beginning to see through everyone I will be working with. They are all nice people.
So that’s work for this week… It seemed too short of a week. Alyssa and Rolly on the other hand stayed home for five days. Rolly’s been really sick he had to use the extra bedroom to stay away from us. Poor him… He’s been hacking all over the place. We had to drive to Orange County after my orientation on Tuesday to see his doctor. He was all miserable but he is getting better. I think he needed a little rest… Going back to my orientation class, they gave us some literature on our benefits. One of them is discount to an Adventist Private School in Murietta. I am decided to place Alyssa there though Rolly is hesitant thinking that she will get confused with the teachings since we are Catholic. He thinks it is better for her to go to St Jame’s so we agreed to do visitation before enrolling her. I, for one, am not prejudice. Now that I am working for an Adventist System, my vision is wide open. We praise the same God. We believe in Jesus Christ. The teachings about good and evil are the same… It is just the way of celebrating that is different. Besides, when she is older she has the right to choose her religion. All we are here for as parents is for guidance and support.
Alyssa is actually doing pretty good, i realized. Yesterday when we were talking about our kids and they asked me about Alyssa, I told them that she knows her phonetics, can read some words and knows her addition (by using hand counting, of course), they were amazed. One of my co-workers asked how old is she and I said 4, they couldn’t believe it. I heard Desiree said, “My daughter is four too and she is barely learning her letters.” I kinda felt bad for Alyssa because I actually am not a fun Mom. I often find myself forcing her and I get frustrated when she forgets. I am always thinking she is getting behind so even when we are eating, I ask her: “What is 5+4?” I am sure Rolly disagrees but he is not saying a thing.
Yup, everyday is a learning process. I learn at home, I learn at work. There is a lot that I don’t know but am willing to take extra steps to understand what they are there for, how are they beneficial to me and how they affect my life. I am happy with where I am at right now… To where we are as a family. Yes it was a long journey however, love and faith continued to keep us together through all the trials that came our way.
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