For the past three workdays, the sudden shift of my routine almost caught me off guard. I seem to be stuck with the thought that I am on vacation that’s why I haven’t been to St Joseph lately. Though I can’t hide how proud I am to be part of the Loma Linda system, I also can’t deny the sadness I feel parting away from a ministry that first taught me the true meaning of Integrity, Service, Value, Equality and Justice in relation to patient care. I don’t measure what I learned with the length of my stay but with the experience I had working with great people. It is rather a short stay but truly a significant one.

The new LLUMC-Murietta will now be my cradle. It is a hospital run under the Seventh Day Adventist way of living. During our first day as a team, they served vegan sandwich and caffeine free drinks. They are vegetarians which I came to know and this is part of their campaign to promote wholeness and health of the self. And though I love meat, I can say that the food was not bad at all. I will be learning a lot more about Loma Linda Hospital and since I am planning to stay for a long time, I am slowly adopting to some of their teachings. I keep reminding myself that I am one of the lucky few that were hired directly by the hospital. Compared to those that got in through an agency, my chance was slim to none knowing that thousands are still on the market looking for that chance to be a part of such a well-known institution. To think that I almost pass up what is meant to be is a shame. And honestly if ever I decided not to take the offer which I almost did, there will never be another opportunity this great to pass my way again. I am blessed.

So far based on what I keep hearing, there will be a total of about 20 members on the Patient Access Department for now until the management can justify the need to hire more people. There will be two more Financial Counselors like me, one who I met already and her name is Stephanie. She’s been an Insurance Verifier for another hospital. I think they hired three Insurance Verifier, two schedulers, three per diems and the rest are Registration Assocs. Right now, there are 19 ladies and one gentleman by the name of Juan.The first one I met among the girls was Martha, she will be one of the cashiers. Then there is Mariss and Nellie, Filipinas like me. Then I came to know Tia and she is delightful! Pretty girls Hlillary, Courtney and Rosanna. One quiet girl that I really like and most likely be working with at the ER is Ashley. And yes, Sandra. I like her personality so much, so friendly and easy going. Hmmm, here are those I haven’t really talked to yet like Brooke, Tobey and Desiree. I also like Merlyn and Bridgette. Few more girls that I cant seem to remember their names. They probably don’t remember mine either. There are three Supervisors: Kim, Dana and Valerie and our Director Dana. I will be reporting to Kim and I tell you what, she reminds me of one younger boss I had from VQ. So young, so smart and so pretty… When I first saw her, I instantly thought she looked her Jewel. She is a gem and she is very nice. All of the are…

Yes, I always try to get familiar with the members of my team. This is usually important to me because I believe that one key to working efficiently is knowing each others capability, values and attitude. Having these knowledge will then allow me to adjust what I have to complement and support the group. I am no sheriff and I will never be the one to tell people what to do. I operate within myself and cooperate with those around me. I stand by my self-imposed rule that so as long as I do my job well, I don’t need to worry about who is watching my every moves. In contrast to whatever was said about me (which I am still taking seriously), I am confident and I am capable.