I feel so tired and I am not sure why. My legs are feeling so terribly exhausted. Have you ever heard of a condition called Restless Leg Syndrome? The minute I stop doing something, I go through a stage when my upper body just seems to get numb and my legs starts feeling wierd. All the the tingling, searing and and aching sensations are indicative of this particular disorder. I have it right now and it is awful. On our way home, my husband keeps commenting about how I look uncomfortable. I raised my legs, then pulled it down, stretched them and still they ache so bad.

According to studies, this can be mainly caused by stress, pregnancy or not having enough iron in the body. On those three, the middle one does not apply to me. Stress? Maybe. I’ve been over thinking things lately that for two consecutive days I keep waking up at 2 in the morning. Iron Deficiency is also a probable cause since I am not really observing a good diet. I really am surprised that I’ve been particularly healthy last year because I was starving myself. Hopefully this year I am not going to pay for it healthwise. I cannot afford to get sick specially if there is something I am trying to accomplish.