11:13:40 AM
It’s been days since my last entry. Christmas is over and the New Year is just few hours away. Just the past week alone, I’ve done so many things to recount. We are more than tired. We are physically worn off from places we have to go, mentally tired from thinking of stuff we have to do, and financially drained from of things we need to buy. It is a Love It AND Hate It kind of thing… All of us loves the spirit but after the holidays are over, we hate the fact that we always end up overdoing even the simplest of things just like the previous years. But all is good, at least December comes only once a year. The most important thing in all this is satisfying personal relationships and reinforcing friendship not only through gifts we give or receive but also through simple gestures and happy thoughts.

My daughter had a wonderful Christmas. She was all excited with the gifts she received and all the thoughts about Sta Claus and reindeers, unwrapping gifts and eating cookies. Even Rolly and I feel more than blessed particularly this year. We did spend a lot but not a single dime went to waste. This is the most stability we’ve ever had and working together is the key. There is no such thing as perfect. But see, our flaws make us appreciate the smallest achievement we earn. And with all the countless blessings showered on us, It is just right to bring this year to a happy culmination.

This year has been my year. I am sure the coming one brings new challenges and also carries new promises as well. I will sit here and make the best of what it will offer me. And for all those that made a difference to my life, I want to say my profound gratitude. To my husband and daughter who bring fulfillment to my life. My Mom and Dad for being the strong foundation that they always are. My Brother Resti and his family for having faith in me. I thank my Sister In Law Manang Cita for living Manong Ding Ding’s memories and for being the big sister i never had. To God, for His guidance and unending love. I am also grateful for the trials that humbled me. Words said that made me a stronger person. And to Friends and strangers that reflected life on me… Thank You.

Happy New Year to Everyone!

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