It is 1:07 in the morning and I am still awake. In fact, I just got into bed. The long day is over and I am so relieved to finally lay down under the warm covers. I am exhausted but pleased. Tonight went really good. Part of it, Manny won against Margarito and that the family members who came over to watch really enjoyed all 12 rounds. If you ask me I seriously care less about who’s going to win as both of them put on a good fight. I actually had more fun watching everyone’s reactions. The kids watched at the family room separately and they were as loud as the older ones. It was a fun night indeed.

However, the most important part of our night was Rolly’s birthday celebration. He just turned big 50. Yes, I just said 50 out loud. We’ve been married eight years now and I honestly can say he is the same man I first met back in 2001. One of my coworker made a comment about how lucky he is to have me but in all honesty, it is the other way around. Without his love, understanding and patience I will never be where I am at right now. I might have not accomplished a lot but he carried me under his wings and showed me of a world I can never reach on my own. Besides my family in the Philippines, he has become an ally that I can truly count on no matter what the situation is. He might be another year older again but he remains the only person I would like to spend this lifetime with.

We got him a treadmill for his present and Ate Myla remembered to get him a really nice sweater. It was a successful party I suppose. I am glad the boys made it too. Just having them over few times in months surely made the birthday man really happy. It is always good to see them. I can’t believe how they are all towering down on me. Time really goes by fast and this fact is supported by the birthdays each of us celebrates. But we should not let age dictate how we live our lives nor let it command how we should feel. Let it rather be a measure of man’s journey towards self realization and a step closer to achieving goals previously set for himself.

As for my husband, this year highlights all the years of his hard work. I have seen him sacrificed even his most valuable possession and gave away the only thing he’s got. Such unselfish person truly deserves every gift he has now come to realize. As they say, the older we get the wiser we should be. All these quotes written to pacify us about getting older are mere hints letting us know that it is not as bad as we think. Life goes on and the party continues…

From Rolly’s Birthday, posted by Rosalyn Bugaoisan Alcantara on 11/15/2010 (34 items)

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