Can’t believe the work week is over! Despite of the busy workload, I can say that I am not as tired compared to the last few weeks. It did help a little that I also took a day off last Monday. If not, I would have been so tired after being in Disneyland from dawn ’til dusk. It was very tiring and the weather was extra hot. The admission and parking fee is expensive, adding to that we forgot to bring some drinks we ended up paying over 40 dollars just for bottles of water and soda! However, just seeing Alyssa’s surprised face after realizing where we were was priceless.

Her trip to Disneyland marked some of her firsts. First time to see life size mascots, first time to be on a boat ride, her first time on a submarine underwater ride, and her first roller coaster ride. She had so much fun! All smiles, she hugged Minnie Mouse. After some picture taking, she toured Minnie’s cottage and ogled over her cute furnitures. When she said yes to riding the roller coaster, I was so scared for her. All these bad thoughts about her not being able to breathe or getting dizzy and throwing up during the ride was frightening me. It was a quick one and she survived it!
Yup, she is now a big girl. She does things that amazes me, and says words leaving me baffled. I am amazed on how much she learned. Truly, preschoolers are sponges. I don’t have any regrets putting her in a daycare with teaching curriculum and paid a little more money compared to leaving her on a conventional babysitter. It was worth every penny.