I can’t believe how fast this month is going. It feels like it was only yesterday when we were so busy planning for Alyssa’s birthday. The day came and went quickly that even our four days off from work didn’t help with the rush. It’s been a week already and I still feel exhausted. Even Rolly looks like he needs some time off. October does not offer any holiday so it will be a long tedious work month. However, I am planning on taking another short five-day vacation in November. I am getting tired of the daily drive to Orange County. Despite being time consuming, just the thought of it is tiresome. Loma Linda Hospital is opening soon… by then, I hope to have my OTR so I can apply even as an interim.

For now, I am holding on. I must admit, I am losing patience and my passion being at the lab is fading away. The work environment is not very pleasant at all. There are those that I love working with but there are also those that don’t do anything and still tries to get you in trouble. And I ask why? Here I am minding my own business, handling my own issues and trying to be resourceful and to someone just has to say something to be in the picture. Does it look like I have the luxury of time sitting on one corner not doing anything? My goodness! It is very disheartening because I honestly work hard for the money the company pays me. Some people complains about a month of not having a break in the afternoon. Take this, Dave and I never took NEITHER of the morning nor afternoon break since Jill went of medical leave! The nerve of people trying to make their roles as big as mountains. Seriously, would it hurt if we all be adults and do what we’re supposed to rather than be on each others’ backs? Would it hurt if we try to be less critical of others job and actually be more concerned about what we do ourselves? That instead of backstabbing and talking against each other, we should all be honest and be less hypocrites?

This topic is actually getting old. But even if I try not to talk about it, there is this unresolved issue in my mind that keeps coming back in circles. I am the type that goes around it too. I don’t usually say my line unless I am being pushed way too hard. I just write about about it. I discuss what I feel with my husband and with my Mom. My family are usually the once that hear about my frustrations and they always find a way to calm me down. Indeed, they truly are my Support System. Without their patience, love, understanding and guidance, even the simplest of trouble will perhaps sidetrack me.

Another thing that keeps me focused is my passion for arts and crafts. When I find myself lost in a whirlwind, I gather my tools and randomly continue on pending projects I have. It is fun and it takes my mind off stuff I am not even supposed to think off. Yesterday, We went to Michael’s to get a Mod Podge for my decoupage but we ended up buying unfinished frame, die cut letters and paints. When we got home, Alyssa and I started our Memories of Summer photo frame. Here is the final project:

[singlepic id=3825 w=610]
And here is the entire gallery of the project.
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