So I guess my husband meant it when he said he feels really bad seeing me squinting my eyes when I read ebooks using the iPhone. The letters are just so small that I have to zoom in thus making me scroll three times or more before finishing a line. Last month, he made a promise of getting me an iPad but I wasn’t really expecting too much because I know we need extra money for some projects we are planning to do around the house. And even I can no longer buy me the new Nikon D90 which I have seriously been desiring since it’s released. Adding to that, I started paying off my Mom and Dad for some money I owe. Basically, after all my expenses I only have few hundreds left enough for the personal stuff I have to buy. I am just so thankful Rolly is handling the major financial responsibilities like mortgage, car payment and insurance or else I will be left with nothing at all.

Anyways, back to the iPad. Rolly bought me the 32 gb with 3G though it would have not really mattered at all if he got me the basic 16 gb with just the WiFi. At first i was feeling all guilty knowing it is kind of expensive. But after having it for few days, I just am so in love with it I won’t trade it for anything at all. The high definition screen is indeed perfect for graphics, viewing pictures and watching movies. The applications are amazing too! I probably spent more than a hundred dollars stacking up on the apps as they can be addicting. You just want to keep buying even if you don’t really use them often. Alyssa loves the interactive games, coloring books and children activities. She sits in one corner learning letters and numbers while waiting for me to get done with the chores.

In conclusion, I am rating the iPad four and a half out of five stars. Not perfect to give room for more improvements. Having one is specially with the 3G is like having everything on s thin book! A definitely must have in your purse!