Yup. But I didn’t go anywhere or didn’t do anything new. It’s just that I got busy for the past few weeks that I never really had the chance to blog a little. Well, we did go to Vegas for a day the first of this month. After that, our other weekends were just family time. It was all good. Work is just fine too. The manager who hired me left for a better opportunity. The laboratory is still the same. Some co-workers who were on leave of absence came back. It was good to see them and to have to team almost complete. I hope they will hire Ana permanently because she too fits in very well. What I like about her is that when it comes to working, she does her fair share. No fooling around. No monkeying around. We work well with each other. I respect her, she respects me.

At home, Rolly’s been busy enclosing the den. Now, the family room looks way better. I’ve been preoccupied with some chores myself. Adding to that is trying to nourish Alyssa’s arts and craft passion. We started painting together and since they are doing bead projects at school, we got into that too. She loves it. I love it! Deanne, one of my co-workers and an excellent jeweler walked me into some techniques in beading and wire-wrapping. It is very addicting! Here are some jewelries Alyssa and I made together. Of course, I took the pictures myself. Nancy can’t believe it. She said a professional photographer took it. Lol! Seriously Nancy? I laughed. I love photography and I want to think I do take nice pictures (lol) so took her comment as a compliment.

“At Alyssa’s preschool believe it or not, they are making bead “jewelries” as part of their arts and crafts subject. So to be part of the picture (and through my co-worker/jeweler Deanne’s coaching), I started doing wire-wrap jewelry with the little one. We do this everyday in the car on our way home after work. Here are some projects we made together… “

From Arts and Crafts, posted by Rosalyn Bugaoisan Alcantara on 8/29/2010 (30 items)

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