So I guess this is what I will be doing now: Summary Blogging. I can’t really find free time any more to write. I feel so tried after work. And of course as soon as we get home, I also have to do some cooking, cleaning up and fixing Alyssa’s stuff for the next day. I am still online, I just cannot stay long enough to even do something. We are off today because of the Holiday so thanks God for another day of rest. I really need it… This week is a my short days. I can no longer do the long hours because I seriously am so tired. Anyways, here was my half terrific-half worst week in review.

June 26: We finally went to pick up our Toyota Prius in OC. Everything went great starting from the quality of Costumer Service we received from Toyota Place of Garden Grove up to when they handed the car keys to us. We only had to wait an hour-an hour and a half max. They gave us their best rate and we knew that because we’ve been through other dealers and they were not as good. Hybrid cars are great! Excellent on saving gas and most importantly, it is nature friendly. The ride is very quiet. After two SUV’s for years, this one is the smoothest so far.

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June 27: Sunday, we went Mary Magdalene for the 12:00 mass. Then stopped by the Crossings and shopped for some things we need.

June 28: I woke up around 3:00 after realizing Alyssa was having high fever. I had to call in sick because Rolly can’t stay. He’s been working from home for the since Thursday because he himself was sick. I felt really bad for Dave because I was scheduled to do the long hours starting that Monday. But there are those things I just have to do.

June 29: Moving forward to the 29th. I did overtime with John, Lucretia and Gus. It was a good night (so I thought) despite of the chaos. And I also got stuck with a test even the Dr’s office had problems telling me what it was. I seriously thought they gave me a wrong test too. Gosh, can’t really win on situations like this. And of course, the Dr wasn’t there. Or he was but they kept saying he is on the middle of something. But the day has to end as it is supposed to. As we did the final papers for the day, John unintentionally forgot to give some stack of papers to take to the main lab. I didn’t think much about it, it was too late and I said we will deal with it in the morning.

June 30: Bad day at work! I didn’t mean to snap at SOMEONE but I really got upset with how she was handling things. Remember how I said there were some paper that was left out the night before? This person was making a big deal out of it in front of a patient. This is the second time she did this to me. One time, I was explaining to Nancy that a patient wants to know how many tubes will be used on a whole bunch of test. This person just jump on the conversation and took over. So Nancy left and I went back doing my stuff. And then after she was unable to figure things, she blamed it on me. In front of the patient! So for her to do it again the second time was intolerable. After she said I should have known better because I was there longer than John, I answered back that unless I have eyes all over my head she should stop blaming for something I didn’t even do because I now refuse to work with her. I mean seriously, all that time it was Gus who drew all the patients from 3 to 5:30. I didn’t see her help him at all! I did 6-6 with Nancy and Gus before and everything just went great even if we had to stay over. Such a big difference! After venting it all out, I felt just fine. On our way home, I called my Mom and begged her to work on getting my BSN transcripts over as soon as possible because I almost quit. I seriously did.

July 01: I am now officially under my new Manager Marissa. HR called before closing that I needed to go sign my transfer papers. That night, we went to have dinner at the Market Broiler. Alyssa and I shared Fetuccini Alfredo and Rolly had their famous Fisherman’s stew. It was a good night… We deserve it.

July 02: Potluck Friday! I brought two boxes of drinks. The day went by smoothly. I ended up taking half of the drinks home because we didn’t even open it. We stopped by WalMart to buy some counter chair. We bought two pairs, each pair for $75.00.

July 03: We spent the whole day at Ikea. We shopped for some furnitures and also got Korean Barbeque at Freshia for tomorrows bbq Sunday.

July 04: Cleaning up. Cooking. Laundry Day. And more cleaning. I was so tired! At around three, the rest of the family came for an early dinner. Ate Raquel had to cook gulay. Heheheh… I feel bad I cannot really cook. I boiled some corn though and Rolly did the barbeque. Everything was good! After that, we all went to Pechanga for coffee and dessert. We got home at 10.

July 05: Today. Right now, we are still in bed having tupig and tea for breakfast. We planned on going to Universal Studios but I made a decision last night that we’ll do it next time and do it on a Saturday. The day before week day, I need to do nothing to have full energy for work. So maybe next Saturday we will do something fun…