I am blogging early today. I called-in because I woke up late and with body pains. I’ve been taking ibuprofen for the last couple of weeks and some over the counter cough medications and they’ve been working for a little bit. I think I just need time off to rest so I can replenish my energy. Jason Kory, one of our really nice patients said (that first week I was sick): “Rosalyn, I thought you are Superwoman!” Lol! I thought so too!
But yeah, I am no longer hacking all over the place but I just am so tired… The last two weekends were not helpful either. We were busy running around town so I didn’t get enough time to sleep in. Next week, I am hoping that John will start doing closing. I don’t really mind pitching in every now and then but not too often. Don’t get me wrong, I love working. Its just that my situation is way far different from Dave nor John. They can stay as late as they can because they don’t have kids. Whereas I have a little one to worry about. Thanks to Rolly’s flexible schedule, we’ve been able to manage our time.
On another note, we’ve moved in to our new home. We’re not settled but all of our stuff are at the garage, all in line to be placed where they’re supposed to. I might try to open some boxes after I wake up (yup, I am still planning on going back to sleep) to start the work. I want to go to Ikea tomorrow to buy some organizational stuff for the pantry and the kitchen cabinets. Rolly will be home early today so we can go to the furniture shop too.

It’s been a long journey. And we managed to keep the faith alive. We made it… and I can’t thank Mama and Papa enough for all their support through the process. The only two people who never gave up and who always believed in us. And to Manong Resti for the encouragement only a person can get from a loving sibling. And to my dear Husband, I agree with you. Indeed, nothing tastes sweeter than self-redemption itself. This is NOT a wish come true. IT IS A GOAL REALIZED.