Finally, weekend is here. My voice is still kinda husky and my throat is very itchy but I guess I am doing better than last week. I am completely drained after straight one week of 12-hour work schedule. I just feel so utterly worn out and needing some time off to replenish my energy. Next week should be a better one for me, and come Monday, the 31st, it will be one great three-day off. Rolly booked us a room at the new Arya Hotel in Las Vegas for the 29th, 30th and 31stbut I am not really that enthusiastic knowing that the drive coming back to OC will be bad. But I know he means well. Besides, the three of us need some time away from the busy life.
Anyways, I know I’ve been blogging about me buying the new iPad. I myself thought I will be having it by this weekend after my husband convinced me that I deserve to treat myself for working hard. But apparently, I have things lining up on me and they are all priority expenses I have to take care of. Last week, my brother needed some money to process his Visa for Canada. My Mom said she will take care of it (as usual), but because I owe her serious amount of money, I said I will pitch in on the expenses and sent $300.00. I said to myself, well I will be buying my iPad next pay check then. However, the next day I got an invoice of $400.00 from the US National Visa Processing Center for my Mom’s paperwork. So there goes my next overtime pay… lol!
Today though when we were having lunch in Stanton, Rolly said I can skip saving to get the unit. But that, I will never do. As I have said, I have my priorities set. I know the difference between a WANT and a NEED. And the only time I will even pay attention to my WANTS (that includes the iPad, new DSLR, a Fujitso Tablet) is when I have some extra money after saving and budgeting for current expenses. Thanks to my extra hours at work, I can pay for extra expenses without affecting my regular financial schedules. So I guess in the end, after the mental torture at work I can totally say that it is all worth the time and effort.
So, Rolly is to fly to St Louis on Monday.  After doing some chores, I took Alyssa to the craftshop and bought her a Disney Activity Table, foam stickers, various crayola products, pens and papers. She knows her Dad will be away for the whole week and I want to preoccupy her after school. This is a funny story I forgot to share. When we were at the storage last week getting Rolly’s duffel bag for the trip, Alyssa saw the bag and asked why we needed to take it with us. “Because Daddy needs it for when he goes to Missouri.” I answered. She looked at Rolly and said: “Daddy, are you leaving the world?”
Alyssa is all grown up… she says all these cute things that makes me smile. I had her use her white shorts and a tube top. She looked at herself in the mirror and uttered: “Wow, I am so beautiful!” Then she turned to me and asked, “Can I use these sexy clothes at school?” Of course I said no. I’ve seen kids on her class wearing shorts and dresses and I want to dress her up too but I am scared she will hurt or cut her self. Maybe when she gets older and understands the concept of danger and knows how to take care of herself, that’s when I will allow her to choose which clothes to wear. For now, she only wears them when we are around keeping an eye on whatever she’s doing.
So that’s it for my whole week… It kinda dragged because of my long hours but it finally ended. And yeah last Thursday when it wasn’t that busy, they decided to give each one a Spanish name. Zyg thought “Salma” is a good name for me, but no way! I chose Rosalinda (Beautiful Rose)  instead. But now, David is finding humor on it calling me Rosa Fea (Ugly Rose). So John said for me to call him “Viejeo Feo” which means Ugly Old Man. Heheheh!!! Deane is now named Amanda, Isela is Alejandra, David wanted his Spanish name Pablo, Zyg wanted to be called Rico, Gustavo is El Caliente (lol), Nancy is now Gloria (I think), Zuzu wants Estrella (?), Deanne picked Enrique for John and, Letrecia for Lucrecia.
I was laughing all those time they were coming up with names.  It is very rare when we get the chance to goof around. We are all like zombies most of the time… programmed to do one thing: WORK. Well, I think I am actually being unfair to describe us “zombies”. Now that I pause for a little bit and think about, we actually are not! We WORK WITH PASSION, and that’s the truth. We truly incorporate SACRED ENCOUNTER  with each and every patients we see everyday. For almost six months that I’ve been with the Pavillion Lab, I can conclude that 98% of the patients that we see everyday are thankful and appreciative of our hard work and dedication. 1.5% of them are those one’s that no matter what you do, you can’t satisfy them at all. The .5% are those ones who go home, or end up going somewhere else because we can’t see them at the Pavilion.
On final note, days just go by so fast. May is almost ending, and June is almost here… The first half was all work, some problems/issues but all were finally taken cared of. I am still very optimistic on what the other half of the year will bring. No matter what it will be, I will be blogging as always  – one of the many ways I express myself.