I have a fickle mind, I really do. I’ve been trying to shop for a new DSLR for the longest time. And everytime I have my eye on something, a better, more expensive model comes out. Last year, I almost bought a Nikon d5000 at Costco. The regular price was then running for around $1200 to $1500 depending on how many lenses you’re going to get. When we were at Costco one weekend, they had a combo box for sale (a body and 2 lenses plus some extras) for $900. I was so tempted but Black Friday was coming up then and I thought I can buy it for a cheaper price. Of course, because no one will take care of Alyssa we did not get a chance to wake up early and fall in line at some store. So I missed whatever good deals they had for Nikon. Then I waited ’til Christmas to get one but ended up spending most of my budget on Christmas gifts.

Now that I am ready to buy, I cannot make up my mind! There’s just a lot of things that I want to get now. I am so in love with the new iPad and been wanting to get one for the past three weehttp://justrosalyn.com/journal/wp-admin/post-new.phpks. My husband tells me to go ahead and treat myself. And when I thought I was ready to purchase, I read about the upcoming HP Slate (that will be available anytime or before the year ends). As I continue to educate myself which one is a better buy before committing, I realized that there is a new category of touchscreens out there that is called UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computing). UMPC is not a sit-on-your-desk computer, nor is it even a sit-on-your-lap computer; rather, it is a hold-in-your-hands computer. It is so small and lightweight that you can hold it in your hands, much like you would hold a book. It also sports a touchscreen, making it super-easy to do tasks both simple and complex. UMPC runs on Windows OS so I guess the new iPad is not considered as a UMPC because it has it’s own identity. It is more proprietary than anything else.

I have read reviews of other available products such as the Viliv S10 ($699), which looks very promising but yet cheap looking, the Archos 9 also for about $550. It has a solid design and a 60GB storage but really slow CPU, the Fujitsu UH100 for about the same price range. I really like the brand but it looks very compact. I am choosing to wait for the HP Slate before making a final. If for some reason, it will not meet my expectations I am probably going back to what I really wanted to buy. A Fujitsu Lifebook Tablet PC. For my DSLR, I am still going to buy one before the year ends.