After meeting up with Tony for an scheduled appointment, we went home to eat lunch. I’d been cooking for the past three days so we have some left overs of papaitan, adobo and tinola. We thought of taking a nap before coming to San Juan (Rolly’s consulting), but we decided to head out the door before we get too lazy to do anything. Rolly dropped us at the mall and I shopped for a new dress for Alyssa. I got her this really cute pink dress with embroidered florettes on it. And yeah, also a white pair of shoes for tomorrow. As we were waiting for Rolly to come pick us up, we also passed by the toy shoppe. She can’t take her eyes off this toy registry from Baby Genious and was begging to have it so I finally gave in and bought it. Rolly also did some shopping of his own, which he rarely does.

Now, I found a little peace here in Bob’s office. Alyssa is busy playing so I have some free time to blog. In contradiction to what other’s think of, I actually have little free time for myself. So my blogging is on halt for some time. At work, when something interesting happens I tell myself to remember to write about it. Then comes the night, after some chores I have to do, I just am so tired that I just want to go to sleep in order for me to wake up in the morning and get myself and Alyssa ready for the day. But it is all good I guess… rather than staying home feeling miserable… always finding something to do, or thinking of a place to escape away. 

On a happy note, I can’t wait for my Mom to come to California. I just paid my Affidavit of Support for her petition last Monday so everthing should be ok and that NVC is to send the packet for her to complete. My petition for my Dad is to come up next. Boy, $700.00 is kindof steep specially we’re looking for a big project to accomplish in the next few weeks. After that, I will be working on his petition too.

As I start to look back to some months ago, I finally came to terms with myself. After all those times that I felt like I was about to give up, Rolly was always there to explain and make me understand. I guess, I really don’t have any right to complain because what was my pain compared to Jesus’ suffering on the cross? Tomorrow, as we celebrate his resurrection, I will be saying my prayer of Thanks. Thanks for all the good things that was bestowed upon me even when I was not looking. Thanks for giving me a wonderful family. Thanks for sorrounding me with all of his blessings. And thanks for giving me chance after chance to make everyday even better…

Happy Easter Sunday to everyone!!!