Today is Rolly’s jury duty day at Riverside. He doesn’t want to go but he’s got no choice. He missed two already and the Jury Letter said if he misses this one he can go to jail and also can be fined at least $1500. The good thing is that his company pays for this, not all companies really do that.

Tomorrow will be my first overtime since Dave will be gone for a funeral. I will be from 6 in the morning until 6 in tr evening. It will be one long day for me. I can’t wait for the weekend. Two days with my Husband and my Daughter is just revitalizing.

Last night, I was on the phone with my Brother for a long time. I know he’s always been the obedient one and I respect the fact that he values what our parents tell him to do. But I think it us about time for him to start being aggressive. The world out here is really tough but I know he is equipped with the right education to be able to tackle everything that comes his way. A Nurse and a Physical Therapist – what else does he need?

So I left him some words to ponder last night. I know I can be very pushy, and Rolly actually said I am a challenge. But I believe in WORDS. They either break you make you. I try to say them the right way though because I too respect boundaries.

Right now, life is going as it must. Despite the challalenges that comes occassionally, it is and will always be beautiful. A journey Rolly and I are taking is coming to an end. And no matter where it will lead us, we will be thankful for the strength it gave. We learned and trusted each other more than ever… I give him all the credit just for being strong all this time.