‘Been so busy for the past two weeks but I am feeling pretty good about everything. Staying Positive: That’s what I always try to do every single day I get out of bed. There are those things though that one cannot avoid. Like work for instance, some words have been circulating about this and that and I know I am not supposed to be in the middle of anything. Seriously, that is the last thing I have in mind. But I cannot be judgmental about anybody… and I will still be nice and will talk to anybody who does the same way to me.  I believe in building bridges however I also think that if you OUGHT to close some doors then you should. For now, I will still be the same Rosalyn. Their business is not mine and if some of them decides to share it with me, the most I can do is listen.

Days with Rolly and Alyssa are great by the way. Yesterday, we took Alyssa to Macy’s and she picked up this cute Hello Kitty dress. I was a little skeptical because it looked long but when she put it on, it just looked perfect! I can’t believe she’s tall. Well, compared to the other girls her age at Chez Grand’mere, she’s one of the tallest. Terry, the manager said Alyssa is pretty smart and quite assertive. She is… you can’t win during a discussion. She always wants to win. Rolly would say: “Hay, kanino pa kaya nagmana!” Lol!

Last week’s Saturday and Sunday, we went to Rolly’s consulting in San Juan. Then we went to watch the Bounty Hunter. I didn’t like the story line at all! The only probable reason why we sat there and endured two hours of nonsense was because I like Jennifer Aniston.

Overall, everything is just fine and moving according to plan! Here are some photos from yesterday too.

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