This morning, Rolly drove his ninja to San Clemente where he’s doing his consulting. On the other hand, I took Alyssa shopping at The Village in Corona. I took her first to Target and we bought a whole box of crayola (it has 120 crayons), paints and paint brushes and some coloring books. She wanted to buy a pink scarf to use at Chez Grand’mere. But because it was 15 dollars, I hesitated. I was then able to convince her she will lose it. Seriously, I don’t even wear scarf!

For breakfast, I bought some chicken nuggets for her and a cinnamon-sugar pretzel for me. I can’t remember the last just the two of us went out together. Since I started working, we never headed to the park. And because Rolly and I are so busy about some stuff, the three of us are mostly in the car driving. So I owe it to Alyssa a nice, peaceful Saturday. After breakfast, we went to ToysRUs and I got her a Barbie CD player which she loves so much. She got lucky this week, last Thursday she got a pack of LeapFrog Tag Reader with two books. A gift from Rolly’s co-worker. It was actually pretty cool as the Tag Pen reads every word on the book. I don’t know how they come up with all these great Children Educational Toys. Really Genius!

On our way home around 3:00 in the afternoon, the rain started to pour down. It is my first time to drive on a heavy rain since I came to California almost seven years ago. Rolly was calling me and I can’t even answer the phone, I was that concerned. However, I am just glad Rolly made it home too. Just imagine him riding the bike on the freeway while it is raining. Now, that will scare the hell out of me.

Well, tomorrow is Sunday. I am not sure what we have on schedule but I am looking forward to just spending it with Rolly and Alyssa. And by the way starting Monday, I will be starting at 6:00 in the morning. Boy, I am not sure how this one will work out. But I guess it is much better than starting at 9 am until 6. I wish I have more choices though, for now I know I just have to hold on and be patient. Hopefully this year, I will be given a chance to do my career change.