I was so sure I would be able to blog last week I definitely cannot predict the future. We’ve been hit Tuesday and Wednesday. It was so bad that I felt drained after the day. Wednesday, my Manager had a talk with me about her hiring me permanently with a condition that I will do the closing time that is from 9:00 to 6:00. I was not expecting it, though I heard some people say that eventually I will. Was I happy? I’ll tell you this, I was pleased to know that they think I can do what I am supposed to. That I can handle that crazy shift. But if I can choose, I’ll probably prefer to just be a temporary as I cannot promise to stay neither will I promise to hang in there for that long just like Jill and Dave. What I can truly give is the best work I can possibly share and do what I am asked to do while I am still on that department. It is a good offer though, and I am happy I am even given the chance for it.

Thursday was Alyssa’s 2nd day at school. She was excited as usual. I am glad she’s getting used to it. I went to pick her up after work and took her to Carl’s Jr. I got her a kid’s meal (which she didn’t eat), she just love the toy.  Then came Friday. Alyssa woke up early and on our way to OC, she fell asleep. I tried to wake her up when we got to Chez. When she opened her eyes, she held on tight and begged to stay. Rolly didn’t have a choice but to take her home. I now learn my lesson… I won’t let her go back to sleep on our way to school.