I heard three similar questions today: 1. (Jill) How do you like your job so far?  2. (Zig) Are you feeling comfortable with what you are doing? 3. (Tracy) Do you get stressed out?

I am getting the hang of it, I think. And the tests were more like a review from Nursing school. I get to learn a lot more each day. I am getting more knowledgeable about what test goes with what diagnosis, when the patient should do it, and what are contraindications and factors that may or may not affect results.

The people I work with are great. Dave can keep his cool. Jill is very affectionate. Lupie always cracks me up. Lorely is always helpful. Tracy is a good cook. Leonard is Leonard. Lol. Lucretia has a very good voice. Sima has gorgeous grandkids. Hasina is quiet. Nancy is very nice. Ysela (from the other department but sitting next to me) is so much fun, and so as Laura. They call her sunshine (she doesn’t like it). And Zyg is German and likes chocolate. He too is nice just like everybody else. They all make work easier…

About the job itself… I honestly don’t see it as a career. By the end of this year, I will be trying my luck on the NCLEX exam. I am not sure if I am prepared, by the looks of it I know I have to do a lot more. I usually don’t underestimate myself but I know when I am capable and I know when I am just taking a chance. I tried to be prepared for everything, I went through a lot of competitions from elementary to high school. And despite of putting in my best shoe forward, sometimes I end up to be the second best. And that was heartbreaking. And there were those times too that I was rewarded for my hardwork. It sure boosted my self confidence.

Becoming a Nurse is my ultimate goal… and I know I have to jump over hurdles before becoming one. Whatever I am doing now, I want to say they are all preparations. And even if I have to go through pins and spikes, get hurt on the process, hear words along the way, come across unwanted events, I will hang in there. Sweet Revenge… yup that’s what Rolly said (referring to other stuff), I just like how those two words resonate. For now, I am just happy to meet new people and be submerged to direct health care.