At the end of each work day, I sit and think about what I did right and what I did wrong. It is repetitive job, quite easy once get the hang of it. But one thing I learned for the past two weeks, there is just no room for mistakes. That only one time your did not double check your work is often the time you’ve done something stupid. I should know that by now, and yet I still seem to get carried away. I push my luck so far and at the end I get caught into thoughts of WHY? Why did I not do this? Why did I not do that? Simple mistakes, yes they are. Minor ones. But they count on your productivity for the whole day. I spend time correcting them. And I tell myself: “If only I did it right the first time.”

Nancy was all worried thinking she got me in trouble for not placing the right label on one of the specimens. How thoughtful… But seriously, I can take constructive advices. She was all so nice to tell me what I did wrong. Truly, I prefer that way than any other else. I believe if you say something the right way, it will benefit both ways. You help me help you. I help you help me. Learning is a two way road. And so far, the people I work with have been very helpful.

46 days. Yup, been here at the Lab for 46 days already. David said it is scary that I am counting the days but I do, I can’t help it. Specially when you are looking forward to something, days just become numbers. As the pass by, you cross them out. This year is becoming busy for both Rolly and I, and Alyssa’s got no clue whatsoever. Rolly is set to go to Missouri for a business trip sometime this month. I hope he schedules it before the 20th so Ate Raquel will still be here to look at the little one. Because I start at 6:30, it will just be so impossible for me to drop her off that early to her new school. After Rolly’s trip, all should go so smoothly…

Ok… getting ready to leave now. Yesterday and today were so busy. But I think it is better, it makes you forget about the time. Before I know it, it is already time to leave. ‘Will blog again tomorrow!