Yesterday, I was so inspired by a quote one of my friends posted on her Facebook account. It says: What is good about the future is that it comes one day at a time. Isn’t that kinda deep? I don’t know how people comes with such inspiring phrases, they must be really smart. I always want to be optimistic, but there are those situations that get me still. Being human, that’s how I reason out my imperfection. I can’t be what other people wants me to be. In life, I always take seconds as they come. I sometimes get stuck to a moment but I try my hardest to get over it. For the future, I am setting a goal. Like a project that needs to be done in a span of time. It is always good to know that I have a strong foundation to fall back. By foundation, I meant to say my family. It will be just fine I know that for sure… and thankfully, the future indeed comes one day at a time.