Just few minutes ago (before my lunch), my Manager came and said she wants to see me for a while. All these thoughts of “What did I do?”, “Am I in trouble?”, “Uh oh, this is not good!” just flooded my mind. I cannot even leave my chair so she has to come get me the second time. When she closed her office, I wished I was not there at all… Then she started saying all these good things and I was feeling more comfortable.

She said I am personable. I treat the patients really good. She thinks I am a good addition to the team. She describes me as a happy person (which I really am, seriously), and I always have a great smile on my face. She said I am adjusting to the work environment even if I have no previous Lab experience, and that I am doing good with few mistakes considering I am new. I was just listening and I feel so pleased that I am hearing all these from her. I always try my best on everything… sometimes, I don’t get credit just because it is expected of me. For instance, whenever I win on a poster making contest when I was still at school few will say “great job”. More people would just say, “Why will she not win on the first place?” Or when I get good grades, my mom and dad will say: “Well, you really should have good grades because we don’t let you do anything and you have all the time to study.”

It is all good, I guess. The journey is still long and I have a lot of things still undone. I want to achieve higher and be more stable hopefully in the next year or two. I owe it all to those who have played and those who are still playing significant roles in my life. On top of my head, My Mom and Dad for being my foundation since the beginning. My husband Rolly and my daughter Alyssa, the inspiration behind every dream. My brother(s) for always being my allies. Ate Cita, Wendy, Eros and Chloe for always believing. Phyllis, for being so caring. Jennifer Boatman, my first manager who opened up doors for me and thinking I can do even more. Kristen, for giving me more opportunity to grow. Katherine, for giving me a chance to learn more. Other relatives and friends who continue to care. I truly am in debt.

I know I will hear words and meet more people along the way. There will always be that one or two who will either make or break me. Others will merely be passersby and some, I will always remember. They will leave impacts on my life and no matter what or how big or small it will be, it should not alter my path. Forward. Always forward, that’s where I am heading…