I decided to say adieu to too much carbs for a long time now. But yesterday and today, I just cannot resist the call of bread! And right now, I am having some M&M’s while blogging. I am not a chocoholic, don’t really like cocoa but I just have the urge to eat some. I can’t even think of what to write… I keep on backspacing trying to capture any thoughts I have for the day.

Nothing changed… work is still work. The more I understand things, the more they become repetitive. It can be challenging sometimes, but I learned for a very long time that so as long as you keep your cool you will make it through out the day. Sure, I do stress out… but not from work. Maybe traffic and some other things I can’t control.

Today went by quick like yesterday. When we get busy, I tend to forget about the time. David has to tell me I needed to go on my break or that I have to go to lunch. I just don’t like the fact that I have to wake up early in the morning because I truly am not an early riser. I would rather be awake all night and be asleep all day. Like an owl. I hope one day I can get a schedule like that… work 12 straight in three days and be off the rest of the week. In six months… hopefully.

Ok… ‘got to go. I am running our of power. I forgot to charge my laptop last night before we went to sleep. Rolly and I needed to read some paperworks together, and I watched some cartoons with Alyssa then after.