One of my American coworkers from the other department sat down beside me today. She was very funny and everybody likes her. During one of the girl’s birthday party some weeks ago, we had a long conversation about me being Filipina. She thought I am cute. Lol! Now, I am not flattering myself ok. That was according to her. She said I have that exotic look and she likes that, and she described herself a plain oatmeal. And when she gets her hair done, she is like an oatmeal with strawberry. Very funny!

About that look, Lupie thought I was Mexican. And David said, I can pass the look of a Puerto Rican or a Bolivian and of course, a Hawaiian. Island Girl… yup, that’s what they call me before on my first job here in the US. I basically worked with Caucasians so they were fond of me. Fun fact though, in the Philippines they don’t like tanned skin. Most Filipinos think that fair skin is the better skin. Morena is not beautiful. That’s why beauty companies come up with a wide range of skin whitening solutions to make the skin a little lighter. When I came to the US back in 2003, that was when I started appreciating what I have. Yes, I am tanned. And I truly love it.

On another note, Saturday and Sunday, we were so busy. After Rolly’s consulting in San Juan Capistrano, we stopped by at some places. Then Sunday after church, we drove to Perris to see his friend. It was a long drive and Alyssa was getting tired. We were supposed to go to dinner in Stanton but we ended up picking ulam at the Filipino Restaurant. Good weekend though… can’t wait for the next one.

Today went by so fast. I guess it was because we got super busy since Jill is out on vacation. There were tons of patients trying to make up for last week. I tried my best to keep up with David and still manage to do my stuff carefully. Last week, I did some mistakes. David would say: It’s ok, you are still learning. I truly am… then again, I don’t want to make that a reason when I forget things, or don’t do stuff accordingly. I want to be better everyday… and I guess in order to do that, I have to really focus and analyze more.