I was thinking of blogging randomly about yesterday but I decided to just do it in order because it will be easier to remember things.

So, work is great. I guess. They were trusting enough to make me do my own thing, of course Davey still checks it after. So far, so good. Caught some mistakes of my own like forgetting Phosphorus on a Renal test that also requires BMP. Does that make sense? A little alien, but I realized that I get smarter on the floor. It is fun to learn new things, and it always gives me more confidence knowing I am given a chance to prove what I know no matter how new I am to the system.

Friday night, we went grocery shopping. I told Rolly we were only there for three items: baby oil, laundry detergent and bottled water. Instead we left with a half a cart of whatnots. Suddenly, we felt that we needed a lot more than what we went to the store for. As we were loading our bags, the other guy beside us was doing the same thing. He looked at us and said: “I only came here for a butter.” I just laughed at him because the back of his truck was filled with grocery bags too. “I don’t know what happened! I wish there is a ticket for only one item!” Rolly answered: “I know what you feel!” Seriously, going to the store without a list always ends up in a disaster!

For our Movie Night, we picked sweet November to watch. It is pure drama. It is a tear jerker… ‘can’t stop crying!