It really bothers me when Alyssa gets too feisty and quick on being offensive. If only I can set up specific rules on how to handle her tantrums, one of them will be to leave her alone when she starts acting up. Basic knowledge should suggest that the more you annoy tots, the nastier they fight. Pretty basic which a lot of us overlooks. Most of the time, silence is the appropriate tool.

Everyone should agree that parenting is really hard specially when there are so many involved. Speaking of parenting, Rolly and I had a long conversation about the boys. The issue about them was brought out when we were having breakfast. To comment on the matter, Rolly said that PARENTING is NOT a competition between brothers and sisters. The fact is that, no Mom and/or Dad is ever perfect and with that said, it is so unfair to imply that someone else did it better than you, or that you did it better than the other. Because who would ever want their kids go astray on the first place?

The same thing with me. I would never want to compare the way I deal with my daughter to how my brother (and his wife) handle his kids. It doesn’t mean that I care less but his business only worries me when I am invited to join in. I always remember that Family Matter is always a sensitive topic to discuss, and I am not the person that butts in just to say what I have in mind. The same way during conversations, I rarely say something if I don’t have to. I’d rather be quite than to say one hurtful word.

But I am just so proud of Rolly because he always maintain his composure when subjected to things he doesn’t like. Sanayan nga lang ba? That is the question. Just pretend that nothing is being said and yet deep inside hurt? Would it be better to mark your grounds before someone steps on your toe? That’s what I have been doing for the longest time… but patience run out and you reach the tip of the bottle and the slightest of sarcasm would blow you off to pieces? Have you been through that? I allowed myself to play the victim if situation, that is where everything just fell apart.

I hope in the future that Alyssa can make decisions for herself and her family when a situation calls for it. I wish that she would never feel obligated in any way or form. That she will be as far away if she wants, or be as close to home if she chooses to be. I pray for her the freedom to decide on things and at the same time to act accordingly. To be who she is and not just to conform to what is being asked of her…