I seriously don’t know where to stand anymore. Last night was just so terrible so I decided that’s it. Can’t take it anymore. The problem is that I am always the one they have to ask, and I am always the one who says NO. And whenever I say that, I get the usual reaction. But come on… I was asked to do something before and I did it with no questions whatsoever. All I said was YES to almost everything. So now that I finally got the chance to say NO (JUST on matters that concern my daughter), it is taken against me.

On our way home last night, Rolly suggested we take Alyssa to Toys R Us to see what she wants Santa to get her for Christmas. It was a good plan… I wanted to take her out too because I rarely am with my daughter now that I started working. When we reached home, I was the one who first opened the door to check on her. I told Alyssa to get ready so we will take her out. She started crying… I was then asked if they can take Alyssa shopping with them. So I said: “Hindi rin kami nakabili ng mga regalo Ate kaya kami na lang ang magdadala sa kanya.” And before I even finished it, I got that reaction I couldn’t even put words into. I am sorry to have hurt feelings – again! But it would have been better if I was asked: “May lakad ba kayo ngayon?” Because truly, we really plan on things ahead too.

I was so done.