Yesterday was my official first day and I actually tried working, of course with my lead’s assistance. I feel comfortable because I think it is pretty much self-explanatory. I just need some more time to get familiar with things. I say, both Jill and Dave were very helpful and I truly appreciate their efforts in making my learning experience a smooth one.

But I am missing my daughter at home. Last night she said: “You and Daddy are going to work tomorrow and I will stay home with Auntie Raquel.” I was feeling so bad for her. I really wish my Mom is here with us… I trust Ate Raquel but I’d be more comfortable with my Mom and I don’t have to worry too much if I go home a little late.

Next week, I have to attend a three-day class. Then on the 24th, I think we will be off a little early. Enough time to help Ate Raquel with the cooking. I might have to ask Rolly to stay home that day just in case Ate Raquel needs more time.

On Saturday, I am not so sure if we will be heading out to Bakersfield. Rolly’s neice Jojit sent a text last Monday inviting us for lunch to celebrate her birthday/anniversary. I want to go because they always find time to come over when we are the ones inviting, but I also want to sleep in late. I am so sleep deprived… I go to sleep at around 2 and for two days been waking up at 4 for work. I know Rolly’s been so tired too for this week… Again, we will see how the day goes on Saturday.

Now, I have to go. ‘Done with my 30 minute lunch. Have to be back on the clock!