It is a sullen moment. One of those rare California somber, heavy cast days when the rain just decided to fall in December. And here I am at the DMV parking lot trying to make the best of it. I wish I am in bed, all bundled up, sipping coffee and watching a movie. I’d been doing that for the past couple of nights. Perhaps, I watched all 2007 and 2008 love-story films. The best so far that I have seen was Accidental Husband (Uma Thurman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan). It is one real date movie… well, Rolly was already sleeping so it was more like a date movie for one person. Lol! He is not feeling well since Thursday. I guess it was because he’s been riding his motorcycle to work early in the morning even with a below 50 temperature. Here in California,that is way too cold already! I’ve been to Hoffman Estates (in Chicago) twice on the winter and it was snowing. I loved it… I love the falling snowflakes. But the chill was just too much to bear.

But this weather comes few times in a year so might as well embrace it. I for one can draw analogy between Weather and Life. When I was in college, I wrote an essay for my Humanities under Miss Jimenez and I still remember because she gave me 97 for it. I wrote:

Life. It is like the turning of the seasons. Winter is the coldest of all. Everybody goes through the lowest point in life. And no matter what it is, it might lead to a devastating loss or could also lead us to having a significant faith. And if we go on to believing in another chance, Spring means go forward. It
becomes the period of activity. Just like the plants, you start growing your dreams. Adapting, building up your foundation, learning and bulking up… Getting ready for what’s to come next. Summer is the season of joy. The time to celebrate, the time to reap. The moment of realizing what you have been dreaming of. And comes Autumn… the time of rest. The calmest of all the seasons when all you hear are the leaves falling. And you sit and watch the beauty of it all. Acknowledging that without the Winter, Spring and Summer, there will never be Fall…