I am having my lunch, the usual sandwich-chips-water combination. This morning during my MediTech Class, I went to get my HepB shot. It is supposed to be a booster shot but I have to go back next month to get the next series if my immune system won’t go up. Tomorrow is half day. I might have to go back to my house floor if my Manager will let me do some work. And Thursday is another half day. Seriously, we haven’t bought presents yet. We’ve been way too busy so Rolly and I are planning on doing that Thursday after work. My, I am not sure how that will go though… it might be a very busy day.

Regarding work, I want to say I am doing good. We just have to wake up an hour early today because Alyssa was having fever and it woke me up. We forced her to take some Tylenol but she ended throwing up so I had to trick her into drinking milk with meds on it. I know it is not a good practice but the situation calls for it. I really feel bad for her because last night, she was telling me she’s sick. I thought she was just kidding, I was wrong. I should have known better though as she was not her usual chatter self and she actually volunteered on going to sleep early… so not her at all! But yeah, she is a little sick and I hope she is better when we get home this afternoon.