My Father-in-Law sat in dining table for the longest time ever. Usually, he’s the first to leave but not last night. I was even starting to feel uncomfortable so I got up and started fixing up. After everything was done, Rolly was telling me upstairs that he felt his Dad wanted to tell us something. I was thinking the same thing too… I know for the past couple of weeks that they are having some problems with their eldest in the Philippines. Apparently, some frat members are trying to recruit him to join in and the kid was getting scared to go to school. I am feeling bad for Ate Raquel and Dad. I’ve seen them crying over the phone, I am with them everyday and I am a witness to their agony. I am sad that I couldn’t offer them a hand, so all I can do is listen when they tell me something.

I’ve been too close to Raquel. We tell each other about our thoughts, frustrations and plans. I’ve come scratch a little bit Tatay’s surface too. There are things they share in common with Papa… that is, being strict and having such a strong conviction. And Ate Raquel is so much like my Mom. Always quiet, so understanding and always patient. That no matter what you say, she always seem to know how to handle it with grace.

I have long realized that I was given a family I could never trade. That even with my back turned, I know they say praises on my behalf. I have high regards to my Mom, Dad and Brother(s). Sure, no one is perfect, but they are the reason why this life is just beautiful as it is. I am thankful for the significant people that keep me going every moment. Now that I have my own family, sometimes I feel like I don’t measure up. There are those times I wanted to mirror everything with what I left back in the Philippines: A Close Knit Family of Few. Where you can be just yourself, no struggles at all.